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Use this area to build a custom tray for your procedure and specialty needs by following these simple steps:

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2. Find an item you want to add to the tray, and select "Tray". Items will be listed at the top of the page.
3. Continue adding, removing or updating the quantity of items in this tray until you are satisfied.
4. Save your tray for future reference, or add it to your cart for quote by your BD sales representative.

V. Mueller surgical instrumentation

Our standards for quality originated with our founder, Vinzenz Mueller. In 1893, he brought the knowledge of German instrument craftsmanship to the United States and established a tradition that has carried through to today. His successor, William Merz, established the V. Mueller® name as one synonymous with innovation and collaboration.

In 1951, Leonard Snowden and George Pencer introduced the revolutionary tungsten carbide insert to the jaws of surgical instruments. BD is now proud to offer the Snowden-Pencer® family of products to our customers.

These men dedicated their lives to improving surgical instruments and patient care. Our customers have always expected high quality and first-rate technology from our surgical instruments, which are promises BD continues to deliver on today. Every new product we release is built with the same high standards our customers have come to expect for the past 120+ years.

Defining Quality

BD prides itself on the quality craftsmanship of our V. Mueller and Snowden-Pencer surgical instruments. Though technology has progressed over the years, all of our instruments maintain a handcrafted component.

Small details make a real difference in the hands of surgeons. That is why we consider our surgical instruments an art form, and attention to detail is critical. This mindset and pride help ensure our surgical instruments are among the highest quality.

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