Build Your Own Tray

Use this area to build a custom tray for your procedure and specialty needs by following these simple steps:

1. Select a specialty from the list below
2. Find an item you want to add to the tray, and select "Tray". Items will be listed at the top of the page.
3. Continue adding, removing or updating the quantity of items in this tray until you are satisfied.
4. Save your tray for future reference, or add it to your cart for quote by your BD sales representative.

Recommended Trays

Recommended Trays

Browse suggested instrument sets for specific procedures across a wide range of surgical specialties. All of the CareFusion instruments listed in these trays are backed by our V. Mueller quality standards so you can be sure of fine craftsmanship and first-rate technology.

Tray recommendations are compiled based on the Pocket Guide to the Operating Room. Start by selecting a specialty below.